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We specialize in evaluating and implementing all aspects of physical security to create a well-rounded and effective security program. Our experts are skilled in crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) and work in compliance with ASIS International standards. We provide the guidance and experience needed to plan, design and manage every aspect of physical security programs.

Certain assets and facilities need impenetrable protection. Our team evaluates, designs, and implements measures to adequately protect critical assets. We offer a thorough analysis of current systems and design so we can provide the insight and recommendations necessary to be proactive and protected in the face of virtually any event or targeted attack.

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Our Core Security Development Services Include:

Anti-Terrorism + Force Protection Planning

CPTED Analysis and Design Strategies

Penetration Testing

Physical Standards Development

Program Gap Analysis

Protective Strategy Design

Regulatory Compliance Audits

Security Systems Master Planning

Systems Design and Engineering

Threat, Risk + Vulnerability Assessments

Security Management

Policy + Procedure Development

Our comprehensive, third-party analysis helps identify weak points in operations and an understanding of processes and procedures may be contributing to existing vulnerabilities. With our expert guidance, we’ll help update or fine-tune the processes and procedures to meet the desired security posture and strengthen or eliminate deficiencies.

Standards Development

Our standards development program is an added layer of analysis and policy development that provides an understanding of how current systems and procedures work together. Our experts help develop security standards to create a comprehensive model for facilities to use or refine for greater uniformity and predictability in the organization’s approach to security.

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