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Custom Financial Services Solutions for your Unique Needs

Our financial crime, compliance, and monitoring teams are operationally experienced in developing, deploying, and running risk management solutions to address the unique needs of global financial service firms while still providing an outstanding experience for customers. We have provided investigative, compliance, and monitoring solutions for a variety of financial services firms around the globe, including international investment banks, international commercial banks, mortgage companies, broker-dealers, clearing firms, hedge funds, private equity firms, and venture capital funds, and domestic and regional commercial banks, along with a variety of fintechs, regtechs, and cryptocurrencies. 

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In-depth Fraud Investigations

We ferret out fraud, financial manipulation or misrepresentation, accounting irregularities, or any other financial misconduct, whether in support of investment due diligence, litigation, internal investigation, asset recovery, mandated monitorship, or in other contexts. Working in tandem, our investigators and forensic accountants help identify, understand, and address both simple and complex financial malfeasance. We will follow the money so you can make informed decisions that lead to results. 

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