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Through our Enterprise Solutions team, we provide a full complement of services to organizations in order to expand and support their security capabilities. Bringing forward the full suite of offerings provided by Guidepost, our team delivers security operations competencies that can contribute to those already in place within an organization or allow a company to outsource security services that are not within their core competencies. In either scenario, our team will provide high-quality, dependable services on-demand.

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Embedded Systems Management

Even when virtual assistance would suffice, it’s not everyone’s first choice. We understand the need or want for on-site security technology oversight, and we provide solutions for on-site security expertise with seamless team integration.
For full-time, on-site assistance, we can deploy an embedded technology expert that seamlessly integrates with an existing team and programs to provide ongoing systems oversight, diagnostics, and analysis to ensure systems are optimized and fully functional at all times.

Our team of manufacturer-certified analysts are trained on a wide variety of systems and require little to no onboarding or assistance to get started. Every embedded team member can provide operational insight and platform support to ensure all available resources are maximized to their full capacity and systems are implemented accurately and efficiently.

Our embedded experts provide:

  • Proactive system maintenance including programming, updating, optimization, and troubleshooting of all security technology
  • Assistance managing third-party and vendor services and support
  • Expert eyes to review system-related expenses and maintenance statements for accuracy
  • Centralized system management, auditing, and performance testing
  • Enterprise- level business intelligence reporting and recommendations to bolster, refine, and improve security programs

Managed Services

Even the largest companies in the world, with the most well-equipped security centers and designated security staff, rely on external services to fulfill ongoing, daily operational needs; assist with large projects; or handle unexpected events.

We provide enterprise-level security system management and scalable service packages to meet specific organizational needs and budgets. Through a client-centric approach, our experts will tailor a suite of services to fit and support your existing systems and processes – all with the goal of bringing more efficiency and value to your technology and operations.

Our high-caliber, credentialed professionals include former federal and state law enforcement agents; former security executives; information technology professionals; cyber specialists; and engineers. They offer decades of experience and insight with specialized training as Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP), Physical Security Professionals (PSP), and Certified Protection Professionals (CPP).

We offer a tailored approach to security technology support.

We will first evaluate current security plans and existing capabilities with a focus on impact and vulnerabilities. Based on our findings, we will provide recommendations to best assist your existing team, close any gaps, and improve the overall security posture. By working with our dynamic (virtual) or embedded (on-site) team members, you have access to reliable support and optional 24/7 coverage.

Services include:

  • Access Provisioning
  • Dynamic Security Systems Management
  • Remote Troubleshooting and Service Management
  • Remote Commissioning
  • Security Systems Programming
  • Security Systems Configuration/ Performance Assessment
  • Security Systems Configuration/ Performance Optimization
  • Staff Modeling
  • Technical Security Support
  • Operational Security Support
  • System Programming & Administration
  • Virtual Chief Security Officers
  • Virtual Systems Administration

Outsourced Security Operations

Operational resiliency and security are always a priority, however the ability to dedicate resources or invest in the necessary personnel to address these concerns can be a challenge. When a company must choose between R&D, Engineering, Marketing, and Security, the latter is usually the afterthought.

We provide organizations with the opportunity to mitigate risk by leveraging Guidepost to address their needs. Whether it is on-demand project management for the deployment of new security systems, internal investigations, site risk assessments, or more whole-scale outsourcing of security operations activities such as a virtual Security Operations Center or total security program management, we will work with you to develop a best-fit solution that is scalable, adjustable, and customized for your organization.

Services include:


Staff Modeling

As a part of your virtual or embedded security technology team, we will handle the situations that distract company employees from doing what they do best. We’ll establish tight integration with processes and procedures and meet or exceed internal standards. Our experts can assist with systems maintenance and updates, troubleshooting platforms and integrated devices, scheduling local integrators for repairs, running diagnostic reports, and so much more.

We offer two types of security technology support; dynamic and embedded:


Most opt for dynamic services because it enables them to leverage the resources and experience of our entire team and it’s completely scalable. Because virtual support utilizes our whole team, you will be less vulnerable to holidays, vacations, and illness-related absences than you would from regular on-site support by a single team member. Whether full-time assistance is needed or only a few hours a month, our dynamic experts can assist.


For organizations that prefer full-time, on-site support, we offer embedded support services. We can match a local expert to a specific office that can fully integrate with an existing team and provide top-quality technical support for security systems.


Systems Deployment, Acquisition, + Project Management

We deliver cost-efficient project management services for security and technology systems design and implementation. Our experienced team brings industry specific field experience and proven project management skills to each project which helps augment program delivery services. Our project managers collaborate with owners and project stakeholders to define the project scope, budget, schedule, and resources needed.

We conduct project team meetings and share the notes documented, ensuring the project team is up-to-date and aware of any delays, which may jeopardize reaching project milestones in the time frame estimated within the schedule.
We deploy cloud-based industry standard project management software tools to ensure project milestones are met and communication of task schedules and responsibility is clear to all project participants.

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Virtual Chief Security Officer Program

The threat to companies being impacted by a cyber compromise is a growing reality supported by the daily headlines reporting cyber breaches. The responsibility to manage and protect information assets has moved from the server room to the board room, and many organizations cannot afford the executive leadership needed to effectively guide their investments to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their information assets. Beyond continuous expertise and ample security experience, many companies desire clear leadership and guidance to carry them through daily operations and help navigate unfortunate events, such as a data breach.

Our Virtual Chief Security Officers are exactly the trusted experts needed with one added advantage – unlike employing a single individual, we offer access to our entire team and their combined experience and insights. Often a business does not require a full-time information security executive, just guidance from time to time. By engaging a virtual CSO with experience in many verticals, you can optimize information security executive services at a fraction of the cost. If an immediate need arises to ensure compliance standards are being met, our team will be ready to hit the ground running.

We can tailor the amount of vCSO leadership we provide based on the level of need and whether onsite or offsite assistance is preferred. For offsite vSCO leadership, we offer our dynamic team which offers the ability to tap into a single resource or multiple security leaders with extensive security expertise from each of our offices around the globe.

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