Our culture centers on collaboration and excellence. We’re driven by curiosity and the ambition to learn from each other and grow from our collective experiences. No matter the role, we believe everyone plays a pivotal part in keeping Guidepost moving forward.

Guidepost Solutions' Code of Commitment

We often work far from each other in terms of geography, yet we collaborate with ease, whether it is through the use of technology or organized company-wide events. Our CEO holds companywide All Hands calls and our HR team offers what we call Connect4GPS, interactive programming that keeps our employees connected. The focus is on learning about and from each other, our customer successes and experiences, and highlighting key achievements.

We understand the importance of continual learning and development for our employees. We offer training and development programs in a number of ways including on-the-job training, access to job-related conferences and seminars, on-site and online training, and support of job-related certifications and educational programs.

Our CORE development and check-in process focuses on C.A.R.E. for every employee. C.A.R.E. represents the ability to Connect, Acknowledge, be Realistic and Engage. We encourage professional growth and career mobility within the organization and provide opportunities for each individual to contribute. We support our employees as they strive to succeed individually and as a part of the greater Guidepost team.