Institutional Integrity

We are uniquely qualified to provide guidance and support to higher education institutions, K-12 school systems, faith-based organizations, hospitals, not-for-profits, and others. Whether an institution is facing allegations of sexual, race, religious, or gender-based harassment and violence, safety and security issues, or other forms of misconduct, our team can assist. We are regularly asked to assist institutions taking proactive, preventive steps to enhance integrity and compliance and improve institutional safety and security. We are also called upon in times of crisis to help define and implement the steps necessary to transformatively respond to challenges.

Our team includes experts who have served as a university system chief compliance officer, a chief compliance officer at a major U.S. university hospital system, a deputy Title IX coordinator, a senior trial lawyer at the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, former prosecutors, and law enforcement agents who have handled cases involving sex crimes and interpersonal violence. This experience helps us bring a trauma-informed approach to our work.

We have provided solutions for numerous institutions through evaluations of culture, ethics and compliance programs, and Title IX, Clery Act, and the Violence Against Women Act. And, we have delivered more than 200 security design and technology projects for K-12 schools, colleges and universities, religious institutions, hospital systems, not-for-profits and others.

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Our success is dependent upon building trusting and productive relationships.

We place understanding your institutional needs, your challenges, and your unique culture at the center of the solutions we provide to ensure they are impactful and sustainable over the long-term

Culture Change Journeys

Restoring or enhancing institutional integrity often involves a comprehensive review of the institution’s culture and developing a plan for transformative change. Our team has extensive experience meeting institutions where they are and helping them move forward towards the culture that they desire.

Ethics + Compliance Programs 

Our team has deep experience building and implementing ethics and compliance programs across a wide range of institutions. We can bring these best practices and a common sense approach to ensure that your ethics and compliance program meets the needs of the institution. Our approach is to tailor programs for each institution, ensuring that the end product is comprehensive, sustainable and effective.

Faith-Based Institutions

Guidepost has a significant practice working with faith-based institutions. Our experts have assisted religious institutions from several faiths, including church organizations, church leadership, K-12 schools, and religious colleges and universities. We understand the challenges that faith-based organizations face in addressing and preventing sexual harassment and abuse and are experts in providing concrete steps that organizations can take to facilitate change.

We conduct sensitive investigations and reviews for faith-based institutions and have helped large and small institutions identify, address, and correct systemic issues related to sexual, gender-based, and racial misconduct within a faith-based context. Accordingly, our process and our efforts are governed by best standards and practices designed to ensure accountability, transparency, and care for the wellbeing of the reporting parties. Key principles of our work include:

  • Trauma-informed interviews, as appropriate
  • Anonymity and confidentiality for reporting parties and witnesses, where permitted by law
  • A dedicated, publicly-advertised, reporting system for individuals to contact Guidepost and provide information
  • Independence and transparency
  • Restorative justice principles
  • Practical recommendations that are trauma-informed


We offer in-person training, certified virtual training, and certified on-line courses in a wide variety of areas, including Title IX and Clery Act, as well as general ethics and compliance training.

Title IX Professional Development Certification Courses

  • Title IX Investigator Training Level 1 and 2 and Certification
  • Title IX Coordinator Training and Certification
  • Title IX Decision-Maker/Appeals Training Level 1 and 2 and Certification
  • Title IX Informal Resolution Facilitator Trainings
  • Title IX Advisor Training for Higher Education
  • Title IX for Athletics
  • Interpersonal Violence to include Domestic Violence and Relationship Violence as defined under the new Title IX Regulations
  • Campus Security Authority Training pursuant to the Clery Act
    Title IX teams to ensure effective implementation of new Title IX Regulations

Safety + Security 

We provide security assessments and security design and implementation for K-12 public and private schools, colleges and universities, religious institutions, not-for-profits, and other institutions across the nation. Our seasoned public safety professionals are dedicated to providing a safe environment for staff, students, faculty and visitors.

We are experienced in both operational and technological security assessments that deliver the appropriate path to enhanced safety and security. Having delivered more than 200 security and technology projects for educational institutions, we are sensitive to the unique needs that come with each engagement, based on regional differences, community environments, financial needs, and sustainability.

Community Engagement Plans

In our experience, community engagement can play an important part in identifying and addressing systemic issues that may plague communities regarding sex, race and gender-based harassment and violence. Our deeply experienced team is adept at reviewing and analyzing data and engaging with diverse communities.

We believe that robust, meaningful, and inclusive communication with community members and other stakeholders is essential in addressing, identifying, and preventing sex, race and gender-based violence. Recognizing the sensitive nature of the subject matter, we lend credibility and objectivity as an unbiased and external party.

Institutional Governance

Effective governance is the outcome of a range of institutional policies, processes, and cross-functional interactions. It is the key to ensuring that your institution’s resources and systems operate in a way that meets the applicable laws and regulations.

Our team has experience with policy development and audit including review of governance frameworks, documentation processes and procedures, effective board reporting, director training, and board evaluations, all with an eye to ensuring the necessary conditions for sound governance.


When allegations or suspicions of harassment or corrupt or fraudulent conduct by an employee arise, we are engaged to conduct an internal investigation. Our team of former law enforcement, field investigators, research analysts, computer forensic experts and forensic accountants staff these assignments with the goal of discovering the underlying reasons for the problem so corrective action can be taken.

Title IX + Clery Act

We have extensive experience with Title IX, Clery Act, and other state and federal laws addressing sex- and gender-based harassment and violence. Our Title IX compliance experience includes policy review and revisions, training, program audits and assessments and serving as external investigators in complex matters concerning sexual misconduct.

We understand that the requirements around Title IX compliance for K-12 school districts is distinctive and different than those for institutions of higher education. We recognize and value the unique aspects of each school or campus and provide tailored solutions that ensure that regulatory requirements meet the culture of each school district or institution.

Representative Engagements

  • University of Michigan: Assisted the university with a compliance, ethics, and culture assessment including a review of its Office of Institutional Equity, Title IX and Clery Act. Advised the institution’s president and Board of Regents on the implementation of internal controls and structural and cultural transformation efforts in response to its ongoing sexual abuse and harassment crisis.
  • International Ministry: Assisted with an independent investigation based on allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior by the executive leader and the organization’s treatment of survivors. Developed systems and channels that allow for prompt reporting and response should future allegations arise.
  • Private Research University: Respond to threatening and sexually explicit messages sent to faculty, residents, and staff, resulting in cyber-stalking criminal charges against the sender. Provide risk assessments, social media monitoring, forensic reviews, surveillance, physical security assessments, and electronic privacy training for faculty and staff. Serving as on-call support for stakeholders in the legal and security departments.
  • Large School Campus: System-wide audit of 16 campus locations including a review of annual security reports, crime logs, timely warning notifications, and identification of campus security authorities and each compliance officer. High-level review of Title IX compliance at each location and its interplay with the Clery Act, including a review of the non- discrimination/sexual harassment policy for each campus. Written recommendation report presented to leadership.
  • University: On-site compliance review of the school’s 200 plus international students including an audit of every student file and a detailed report noting issues and violations. Develop training program and provide recommendations based on regulations and industry best practices to remediate violations. Assist with the creation and implementation of an I-9 compliance program.

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