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Large and small-scale events can provide a unique set of security challenges that aren’t easily navigated without expert assistance. We have worked with numerous groups on crowd management, sports stadium security, and venue security. Rather than tackle potentially massive operation challenges and risks alone, we offer top-level event security planning and implementation.

Our layered entertainment security approach identifies the key assets needed to secure and determine the best protection needed all within the confines of budgets and while balancing competing priorities. We will provide guidance towards the most critical applications and systems necessary to be in place for the most comprehensive entertainment security plan, and advise on the order of importance for implementing each element.

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Mitigating Risk in the Sports Industry

The sports industry faces a host of risks and business challenges — from fan safety and security to team reputation and beyond — and the stakes are high. We provide strategic direction to mitigate risk and protect the numerous stakeholders comprising today’s global sports market.


Gambling, doping, abuse of student athletes – the business of sports has produced a host of ethical issues. Our proactive compliance consulting and program development helps identify, prevent, and resolve instances of misconduct, financial malfeasance, and violations of law and ethics.


When scandals and crises arise, reputations and assets are at risk. We routinely investigate and provide discreet global field surveillance for highly sensitive and complex matters. Our team includes licensed investigators who have served as federal and local prosecutors and law enforcement agents; digital forensic experts, forensic accountants; and data and intelligence analysts.

Due Diligence + Business Intelligence

Our comprehensive due diligence and background investigative services are aimed at mitigating the risks associated with hiring employees and vendors and when buying and selling teams, venues and other sports-related entities.

Immigration + Border Response

We assist foreign-born athletes and others with navigating the complexities of obtaining visas or other border issues while traveling. Our expertise includes relief from restrictive actions inappropriately applied by the U.S. government.


The world of sports is highly susceptible to security threats – operational, physical and cyber. Whether it’s the personal safety of athletes, owners, and their families or the tens of thousands of fans attending events like the Super Bowl, our protective strategies reduce risk exposure without adversely impacting business operations or lifestyle. Services include executive protection, security design, venue security, and residential security consulting.

We Assist With Everything Needed for Successful Stadium + Event Security Planning Including:

  • Developing and delivering event security plans
  • Managing the implementation of event security plans
  • Vetting potential security vendors, including technology applications
  • Setting up temporary security operation centers
  • Staffing security for events and operation centers
  • Implementing crowd management systems
  • Coordinating and managing security staff and components

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