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Guidepost is the preferred training partner for a host of public and private corporations, schools, universities, and even many government agencies. Preparing your workforce, community, company, or student population and staff requires a customized plan. Our experts have decades of executive experience leading public safety organizations and preparing for a range of unpredictable risks. We have the tools and expertise to develop a wide range of planning curricula, including some of the following specialized training courses.

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Active Assailant/Shooter Training

We are uniquely equipped to assist, educate and train your employees regarding emergency awareness, response, and survival techniques for active shooter and workplace violence situations. Our Active Shooter Training Program fosters coordination between business owners and operators in addition to local emergency response teams, thereby presenting employers and employees with the best possible options for their safety and survival.

Our training team includes senior instructors drawn from the FBI Hostage Rescue Team; U.S. Department of Homeland Security Special Response Team; U.S. Secret Service; federal, state and local SWAT teams; and security executive positions. Members of this training cadre assisted the Department of Homeland Security with the curriculum update and training delivery of its active shooter program.

We use proven industry standard methodologies to identify, measure, and address physical security threats, risks and vulnerabilities to develop a tailored training program based on a company’s current security posture, physical layout, employee headcount, and nature of their duties at each location. The response tactics of local law enforcement and first responders are also be considered.

Customized training materials + programs include:

  • Classroom curriculum
  • On-line modules
  • Hands-on training
  • Webinars
  • Testing
  • Certificates of completion

Crisis + Emergency Management

Crisis/emergency management is a process in which a business or organization deals with an unexpected event that threatens or harms the business, its stakeholders, or the public. In a time of crisis, whether from a natural disaster, a reputational challenge, or a disruption to business operations, the ability of an organization to rapidly assess a situation, escalate information, make decisions collaboratively, and communicate clearly the actions being undertaken are critical to its survival.

We approach crisis/emergency management with specific strategies to help you identify, assess, understand and cope with the situation. More specifically, crisis management includes:

  • Preventing known risks, threats, and issues from becoming incidents
  • Avoiding incidents, if/when they occur, from becoming crises
  • Inhibiting crises, if they arise, from descending into worst-case scenarios to minimize the impact on the organization
  • Securing the future of the entity despite crises

Mass Notification Systems

Dedicated mass notification communication systems are critical components not only to a facility’s response to an emergency, but also to its day-to-day operations. It is imperative to have a strategic partner with experience tailoring converged communications technology to meet the needs of all facility types.

With our extensive design and operational experience, we can help you navigate various technologies and create effective scripts to implement an optimized, distributed communication system that will align with your facility’s operations, delivering highly intelligible audio and visual messaging throughout the facility and across the enterprise. We specialize in integrating disparate systems across paging, video, data, fire and security into a seamless network providing audio and visual messaging throughout a variety of platforms.

Operational Readiness

We help assess the likelihood of specific events and provide a detailed plan of action for each possible scenario. Our experts offer critical insight and provide guidance to assess, manage, and recover from emergencies and incidents that could otherwise have a devastating effect on your company and threaten business continuity.

Our emergency operations and crisis management plans provide you with best practices for dealing with emergency-related threats including:

  • Cyber attacks
  • Data breaches
  • Unplanned telecommunications and IT outages
  • Interruption of utility supply
  • Adverse weather
  • Acts of terrorism
  • Security incidents
  • Fire
  • Supply chain disruption
  • Transport network disruption
  • Reputation damage

Tabletop Exercises + Scenario Planning

Scenario planning exercises enable decision makers within organizations to contemplate future threats and incidents – anticipating how the ever-shifting threat landscape may adversely impact its business, clients, guests, and families.

We work with you to develop scenario planning exercises to test operational readiness and enable better decision making under stressful conditions. Our professionals can tailor specific scenario planning exercises to address the unique needs and challenges of any organization.

Travel Security Evaluations 

Our team has assisted countless elected officials, business leaders and celebrities who require protection by statute, board decree, or simply because they attract unwanted attention. Most who receive protection will travel regularly so we are often asked to provide travel security evaluations. Our global security experts design custom protection plans that include geographic threat assessments, pre-travel planning checklists, and crisis management plans for any location. We have established relationships with law enforcement agencies and security experts around the world that allow us to identify real-time threat information and adjust travel movements to provide for optimal safety.

Services include:

U.S. government agencies and directorates publish information about crime and associated risks domestically and internationally. Our team analyzes travel locations and develops a risk profile for each.

We play a pivotal role in the vetting and selection of team personnel – logistics agents, executive drivers, and administrative staff. These team members will usually be comprised of lifelong security and law enforcement professionals with training and background appropriate for the unique assignment. Helping you find the right team and the right personalities is most important.

No evaluation is complete without an examination of and plan for social media monitoring to identify people, or groups, who may present threats or express negative sentiments about the protectee that may lead to physical action during travel. We can prepare adjustments to routines and travel based on such emerging threats.

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