Executive Protection

Guidepost provides comprehensive security, risk mitigation and crisis management solutions tailored to the unique needs of high-net-worth individuals and family offices necessary to maintain personal security and safety. These services range from global executive protection and emergency crisis response to security technology design and implementation for homes, offices, and family communication. Private clients and their advisors place their trust in us given our experience, clear communication, and ability to respond reliably and quickly.

Our team includes former federal and state prosecutors, former law enforcement agents from the Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Secret Service, and the Department of Homeland Security, as well as specialists from the U.S. Marshal Service Witness Protection Program and the New York City Police Department. We employ forensic identification experts, technology and cyber consultants, forensic accountants, and other professionals with experience delivering professional services to high-net worth clients.

We recommended bundling certain services to provide the greatest degree of safety and security. Establishing the baseline risk profile of the principal informs which services may be necessary and reasonable.

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Executive Protection Staff

Our personal protection operations, modeled after international law enforcement techniques, are designed for your safety and those closest to you during daily activities, travel and special events at levels tailored to your individual, situational and geographic needs. These services can be provided privately and discreetly and as often is the case, in partnership with relevant law enforcement agencies throughout the world.

Our EP Agents are drawn from various positions within law enforcement agencies, the military, and the intelligence community. All EP agents must pass a rigorous background check process, be licensed, hold CCW gun permit (if mandated by the SOW) and be certified in First Aid and CPR. We go beyond protection with a well-armed staff; we also work to identify and prevent potential incidents before they occur. We can provide access to our global 24 / 7 / 365 multi-lingual emergency hotline for situations at home or overseas requiring immediate attention, including physical security threat of breach, disaster recovery, medical/mental health intervention, international medevac transport/evacuation, and other security issues.

Security Drivers 

Trained and experienced security drivers are an important part of any executive protection program. Our key focus with regards to our security driver program is the safety and security of the client, plus the reputational risk to the organization. There have been several studies on the risk to executives while in transit. While they have been performed by different entities over the past 30 years, the common finding is that approximately 64% of all unwanted encounters occur in and around the vehicle. Of these, 75% unwanted interactions are successful. Our experienced security drivers represent the first line of risk mitigation for our clients. They have the ability to identify emerging threats and take decisive action to counteract them. Guidepost security drivers also provide clients the ability to maximize their time and productivity while in transit. For top executives, time is money- this still holds true in a vehicle. By maximizing our client’s productivity while in transit, our clients will realize a significant return on their investment for this core service.

Crisis Management + Major Event Security Planning

In times of need, our clients rely on us for immediate assistance for matter pertaining to emergency security services and our ability to quickly scale up for increased resources. Whether dealing with un-wanted terminations, violent protests, criminal activities or other stressful situations, our clients have access to 24 / 7 assistance and our worldwide network of trusted partners. Many clients also need an increase protective presence at a variety of major events and special functions, such as IPOs, board meetings, holiday parties and many other personal and professional functions. Guidepost stands by to provide scalable protective resources for any function.

Residential/Office Security Assessment 

Physical security evaluation and analysis of the defensibility, architecture, electronic security systems, infrastructure dependencies, operations, staffing, communications, and alarm monitoring and response elements of the overall security program at the principal’s office and estate(s).

Travel Risk Security Assessment

Evaluation and analysis of the nature and risks specific to the principal’s mode and means of travel, including consideration for local and long-distance travel, drivers, executive protection detail, flights, accommodations, communications, and planning.

Personnel Recovery and Extraction

Guidepost provides both training and on-the-ground response to clients and their families who are traveling to high-risk areas or concerned about impromptu protests or social unrest. We develop, prepare, and administer training for clients travelling or relocating overseas. Guidepost has several employees who serve as subject matter experts for personnel recovery and extraction matters. Guidepost has several training options available, from one-hour high level briefings up to and including a 10-day full-scope seminar.

Digital Vulnerability Assessment

An evaluation and analysis of the nature and credibility of the existing and future threats to the principal. We review open-source information across a variety of public and proprietary databases, and both traditional and social media to determine the availability of the principal’s personally identifiable information. These data points, such as those listed below, are those that adversaries may use to commit identity theft, attempt to leverage for extortion, and/or establish an individual’s pattern of life.

  • Bankruptcy, liens, judgments
  • Business and corporate affiliations
  • Civil litigation – Federal, state, and local
  • Contact information including reported addresses
  • Criminal litigation – Federal, state, and local
  • Government procurement/contracting record, if applicable
  • List of assets (i.e., vehicles, watercraft, aircraft)
  • Personal and Professional affiliations
  • Personal identifiers (i.e., name/aliases, date and place of birth, SSN)
  • Political contributions
  • Possible family members, children, and close associates
  • Professional licenses
  • Real property transactions
  • Trusts and associated assets
  • Uniform Commercial Code financing statements

Guidepost will also review images from online realtors (e.g., Zillow, Trulia), floor plans or blueprints from public records or builders’ websites, and social media posts, which may give potential adversaries an inside look at a principal’s home(s), location of valuables, potential access points, and presence of security hardware.

We also offer deep and dark web searches for clients who are concerned about their personally identifiable information, including usernames and passwords, exposed on the dark web. Data breaches contribute significantly to identity theft, medical insurance fraud, and tax fraud.