Managed Services

Even the largest companies in the world with the most well-equipped security centers and designated security staff still rely on external services to fulfill ongoing, daily operational needs; assist with large projects; or handle unexpected events.

Our managed services team provides enterprise-level security system management and scalable service packages to meet specific organizational needs and budgets. Through a client-centric approach, our experts will tailor a suite of services to fit and support your existing systems and processes – all with the goal of bringing more efficiency and value to its technology and operations.

Our high-caliber, credentialed professionals include former federal and state law enforcement agents; former security executives; information technology professionals; cyber specialists; and engineers. They offer decades of experience and insight with specialized training as Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP®), Physical Security Professionals (PSP®), and Certified Protection Professionals (CPP®).

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A Tailored Approach to Security Technology Support

To gain a better understanding, we will first evaluate current security plans and existing capabilities with a focus on impact and vulnerabilities. Based on our findings, we will provide recommendations to best assist the existing team, close any gaps, and improve the overall security posture. By working with our dynamic (virtual) or embedded (on-site) team members, you have access to reliable support and optional 24/7 coverage.

Services Include:

  • Access Provisioning
  • Dynamic Security Systems Management
  • Remote Troubleshooting and Service Management
  • Remote Commissioning
  • Security Systems Programming
  • Security Systems Configuration/ Performance Assessment
  • Security Systems Configuration/ Performance Optimization

Our Secured Managed Services Include:

  • Staff Modeling
  • Technical Security Support
  • Operational Security Support
  • System Programming & Administration
  • Virtual Chief Security Officers