We begin every acoustic project by conducting a baseline evaluation using proven practices and measurement equipment to ensure we understand the existing conditions. Closely collaborating with you, we leverage our industry and code knowledge to provide an analysis and an updated or new design backed by comprehensive documentation. This creates an optimal environment that meets the project’s budget and serves the facility’s mission.

We can help design the ideal acoustic system for a variety of spaces including conference rooms, offices and professional spaces, healthcare facilities, concert halls, lobbies and other public areas.

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Our team of experts can assist with:

Acoustics + Vibration Testing

Our team provides consulting in architectural and room acoustics. We use state-of-the art measurement equipment and proven, reliable practices to provide in-depth analysis of present and potential noise and vibration issues using mathematical and empirical models from established design recommendations and specifications.

Our engineers find the right solution to fit the environment and can express through design documents how to implement the solution in a cost-effective manner.

Architecture + Room Acoustics

The main objective for acoustic design in a space is to keep the background noise levels low enough that normal speech is easily understood.

We integrate municipal acoustic requirements with industry best practices to ensure compliance with all codes and regulations. The appropriate acoustic environment is an important design element of every project. Our skilled engineering teams model the space, test the environment, and find the right solution to meet the project and operational needs. We understand how to solve acoustic problems within the built environment in a succinct and cost-effective manner.

Community + Environmental Noise + Vibration 

Our technology systems designs can impact the acoustic environment of facilities. Our experts measure, analyze, and make recommendations to noise control sources to achieve acceptable levels for the community. We often include an acoustic study in our projects to ensure both code compliance and effective functionality of the life safety, public address, or other audible systems. We provide a single source for all your technology design needs to deliver a fully integrated and operationally centric solution to meet your business and safety requirements.

Design of Vibration-Sensitive Facilities

Many venues and facilities have critical sound and vibration parameters that must be met. Live performance venues, audio and video production facilities, and sound-sensitive buildings demand expert attention to acoustical quality. In such cases, more sophisticated monitoring systems are necessary to measure and assess the potential adverse effects of vibration.

From research labs to sound studios, we have the experts to meet the operational needs and provide the acoustic solutions for a project. Our acoustic engineers find the right solutions to meet the sensitive requirements for a multitude of diverse environments found in today’s facilities.

Equipment Balancing + Alignment 

We provide a single source for all your technology design needs to ensure a fully integrated and operationally centric solution to meet your business and noise reduction requirements. Our engineers understand the need to address the source of sound generation and know how to rectify the systems and components generating sound. They can also provide specifications for equipment that meets the overall acoustic profile for a project, thereby mitigating the source of vibration and sound before the project is built.