Michael Johnson CPP, PROFM

Senior Consultant

Michael A. Johnson has over 27 years in the electronic and physical security industry, including 9 years of security equipment manufacturing experience. He is an expert in combining security and technology to solve complex problems using system design and implementation for multi-building access controls, campus level network video systems, and government (Department of Justice, Department of Defense, the Pentagon) and high net worth residence security systems design.

Following several years in the Marine Corps, Mr. Johnson began his career as a technician and foreman for a security company where he acquired hands-on experience doing field work and built a solid foundation in the basics of installation. He then used these skills in electronic security and security equipment manufacturing while working for a security technologies company in design and operations. Mr. Johnson also worked as an operations and project manager for a large electronic security systems design company.

Immediately prior to joining Guidepost, Mr. Johnson worked at Orion Entrance Controls, Inc., as an enterprise solutions architect. He designed custom solutions, including tailgate prevention, presence detection, and occupancy counting and reporting. He was the internal liaison between technical teams, clients, and company leadership. While at Orion, Mr. Johnson was awarded a United States patent for DoorGuard, a standalone tailgate detection system that uses Lidar and AI to accurately detect and report tailgating events as well as accurately report occupancy data without relying on cameras or internet.


  • Certified Security Project Manager (CSPM)
  • Certified Protection Professional (CPP)
  • Professional Facilities Manager (ProFM)


  • Counter Terrorism Watch Group
  • Overseas Advisory Council
  • InfraGard Member
  • ASIS – CPP Mentor

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