Corporate Integrity Monitoring

In an era of heightened scrutiny by shareholders, the government and the public, the way in which a company conducts its business is as important as the results it produces. Companies may need to hire integrity monitors as part of an agreement with a prosecutor’s office or as a court-ordered mandate.

We provide integrity monitoring services to help prevent and resolve cases of employee misconduct, corporate fraud and illegal activity. Our integrity monitoring team is comprised of former federal prosecutors, compliance experts, investigators and forensic accountants.

Our team has been performing monitorships involving companies for more than three decades, and we have been engaged by numerous public companies, private businesses, colleges and universities, and healthcare organizations to provide integrity monitoring services, often times, as a result of their highly-publicized misconduct.

We can prevent significant loss and help organizations comply with regulatory and court-ordered requirements. Though requirements vary by client, industry, and circumstance, in the course of a typical monitoring assignment, we review, assess, enhance, and audit internal controls throughout relevant departments of the client organization, which generally include compliance, purchasing, accounting and audit, human resources, information technology and security. We will utilize a mix of proprietary technology tools to conduct these reviews for indications of anomalous, inaccurate, fraudulent, or non-compliant activities and provide results. We work closely with the company on this ongoing project, providing detailed tracking and reporting of monitoring activities and findings.

We believe in leveraging a company’s own resources as much as possible to assist us in the process. In this way, we leave behind trained employees. This also has the added benefit of reducing costs and allows us to work with the people who know a company best, its employees.

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In addition to direct monitor services, we provide assistance relating to corporate monitor needs:

  • Liaison between monitor and company, if needed
  • Recommend technology tools to manage monitor’s requirements
  • Pre-monitor preparation
  • Review of monitor’s work product and assistance in responding to monitor’s requirements