Atlanta Falcons

Guidepost Solutions was appointed as the owner’s representative to provide physical security planning, systems design oversight and bid package review for the new Atlanta Falcons stadium in Georgia.

Our team worked as key members of the new stadium and architectural project teams, designing the physical security elements and ingress plans that include compliance with the National Football League’s (NFL) best practices. We also developed a state-of-the art security system for the stadium.

As the owner’s representative, we have successfully helped the project team ensure compliance with NFL security best practices. Our oversight resulted in a crowd flow/ingress plan that forecasts the needs of an NFL marquee stadium, while forecasting needs for future design processes. We have significantly reduced the quantity of unnecessary security devices (e.g. cameras, card readers etc.) to meet the overall security systems budget as well as the required guaranteed maximum price for optimal utilization of the system.

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Atlanta Falcons football stadium with red seats

Our oversight also serves the best interests of the owner by helping to reduce operational costs through the design process and contributing to achieving the security system needs of the stadium complex. This $1.2 billion, 71,000-seat stadium features innovative technology such as a 60-foot high, 360-degree video board; incorporates LEED design elements; and will serve as an Atlanta, Georgia landmark for iconic sports, entertainment, civic, and cultural events.