Diversity + Inclusion

A mosaic of diversity and innovation.

Mission Statement

Guidepost Solutions fosters an inclusive environment of professionals who share common values of diversity and equality. We treat each other with respect. We listen to and learn from one another with compassion and empathy. We encourage diverse viewpoints as we provide innovative solutions for our clients’ complex challenges.

A dedicated Diversity + Inclusion Committee brings our team together by offering educational presentations, open platforms for listening and discussion, and learning opportunities. We incorporate these activities into our workday and beyond.

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Team Guidepost Volunteering

“Guidepost has grown to a team of more than 200 professionals, working across the United States and throughout the world. As a global company, we know that to achieve our greatest success, we must be deliberate in our approach an environment where everyone is valued. We actively seek to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the unique backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences we each bring to the workplace. We keep learning and reflecting on how we, individually, and as a company, can make progress on these issues.”

Julie Myers Wood, Chief Executive Officer


Many of our team members are actively involved in community organizations and programs supporting diverse communities. Some include: