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Guidepost Solutions is a leader in the field of security consulting and risk management. We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of corporate executives, ultra-high net worth individuals, and family offices to maintain personal, business, and operational security, safety, and privacy.  Our services range from sophisticated global protection and emergency crisis response to security technology design and reputation and identity management.

Our team includes former federal and state prosecutors, former law enforcement agents and intelligence officers from the Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Secret Service, Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Department of Homeland Security. We employ executive protection experts, technology and cyber consultants, forensic accountants, personnel recovery specialists, and others with experience delivering bespoke services to high-net worth clients. 

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Private Client Services

IRS Title 26 Code 132 Independent Security Study

Guidepost has proven experience working with clients to establish risk factors and need-based measures aligned with Title 26 CFR § 1.132-5 – Working condition fringes. The goal of the study is to determine whether a business-oriented security concern exists based on objective facts and circumstances regarding the safety of the principal. 

Executive Protection Agents

Our Executive Protection Agents, trained to use U.S. federal law enforcement techniques,  guard your safety and those closest to you during daily activities, travel and special events at levels tailored to your individual, situational and geographic needs. We go beyond protection with a well-armed staff; we also work to identify and prevent potential incidents before they occur. 

Security Drivers

Guidepost Security Drivers focuses on your personal safety and security and the reputational risk to your organization. Our drivers represent your first line of risk mitigation — they can identify emerging threats and take decisive action to counteract them. They also provide you with the ability to maximize your time and productivity while in transit.

Embedded Security Manager (ESM)

The ESM is a dedicated safety, security, and privacy, senior level asset assigned directly to the client, most often to the family office. The ESM is fully integrated with the organization and reports to the client and other key stakeholders. Typical duties include management and oversight of all security staffing, special events, investigations, travel risk advisory services, training, and security technology.

Litigation Support

We uncover the facts in complex, often multi-national, investigations utilizing comprehensive desktop, field, and cyber investigation methods. Whatever the context of the investigation, we tackle each assignment with the objective of providing you with the information required to make informed decisions, solve problems, and protect assets.

Crisis Management

We are often called upon during times of crisis to provide the right personnel and customized service to address unique situational needs. This includes high-risk terminations or special events, such as Board meetings or We offer a global 24/7/365 multi-lingual emergency hotline for situations at home or overseas that require immediate attention, including physical security threat of breach, disaster recovery, medical/mental health intervention, international medevac transport/evacuation, and other security issues.

Emergency Planning

Many private clients have unique emergency planning needs for family members.  Guidepost conducts  assessments and provides detailed planning to ensure protective and logistical measures are enacted.  Planning needs may include  human induced security situations and family reunification, domestic and international travel arrangements, emergency management tools and training, and logistical support.

Business + Personal Intelligence

  • Due Diligence: Guidepost conducts discreet, comprehensive due diligence of vendors, employees, and contractors who work and/or provide services to the principal, estate, and/or their corporate entities. Our researchers  analyze relevant news and social media, information derived from proprietary databases, and information provided by local sources.
  • Background Checks: Guidepost offers several levels of background investigations. Our research in the United States consists of online searches of various public record filings. Reviews are also conducted of local, national, and international news sources, as well as of various websites and social media platforms. If necessary and requested, we can conduct discreet human intelligence research to gain further insight into a subject’s background and reputation.
  • Social Media UnmaskingThe abuse of social media platforms, by seemingly anonymous users, to harass, threaten, disparage, humiliate, scam, or falsely accuse individuals or companies can have large consequences to personal reputation and corporate financials.We combine online research with boots-on-the-ground investigations and liaison  across the globe to unmask those who hide behind their keyboards.
  • Discreet Private Investigations + Undercover Operations: Guidepost helps protect reputations and assets through background investigations of your employees, professional service providers, social contacts, business partners and others to evaluate their character and fitness.
  • Surveillance: When the situation requires real-time information, Guidepost provides discreet global field surveillance or implement legal surveillance tools.

Residential + Corporate Security Assessments

Physical, Electronic, Infrastructure Dependencies, Staffing Assessments

Guidepost assesses the home or office, analyzing defensibility architecture, electronic security systems, infrastructure dependencies, operations, staffing communications and the overall security program.

Cybersecurity Assessments

These assessments include the internet of things, network security, and administration of credentials / logical control (passwords, etc.), network stability, and privacy of critical information.

Open-Source Assessment

Guidepost evaluates and analyzes the nature and credibility of existing and future threats to the principal. We review open-source information across a variety of public and proprietary databases, and both traditional and social media to determine the availability of the principal’s personally identifiable information. These data points are those that adversaries may use to commit identity theft, attempt to leverage for extortion, and/or establish an individual’s pattern of life.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

Otherwise known as a “bug sweep”, the TSCM sweep is an electronic surveillance assessment of residential, corporate, or private transportation (e.g., aircraft, watercraft) areas to detect the presence of covert surveillance devices.

Safe Room Construction + Design

As one layer of residential physical security, safe rooms provide a secure area for the family to take refuge until law enforcement responds. A popular safe room option is the master bathroom because of access to restroom facilities, water, and first aid. We help assess, design, and build safe rooms that fit the principal’s needs.

Reputation + Identity Management

Using the same tradecraft used to protect and hide foreign assets defecting to the US from hostile governments, Guidepost offers the same level of expertise and resources for those who want to manage what the world knows about them. We highly recommend obfuscating the identity of the principal. For those who want the most in privacy, we also offer services for financial and asset privacy.

  • Personal Due Diligence to understand what information is publicly available on the web about you.
  • Opt-Out Program to remove personal information from data brokers and limit your ability to be doxed – protecting  your privacy and reducing junk mail at the same time.
  • Threat + Risk Analysis to understand the avenues an adversary will use to access and exploit personally identifiable information that can establish your pattern of life and daily activities.
  • Search Engine Optimization to control your personal narrative, promote positive press, and remove or bury negative articles.
  • Asset Obfuscation to enhance security against adversaries trying to identify your residence, vehicles, aircraft, watercraft, and business affiliations.

Travel + Special Event Security

Each trip is unique and requires evaluation and analysis of the nature and risks specific to the principal’s mode and means of travel, including consideration for local and long-distance travel, drivers, global executive protection details, flights, accommodations, communications, and planning.

Personnel Recovery + Extraction

Guidepost provides both training and on-the-ground response to clients and their families who are traveling to high-risk areas or are concerned about impromptu protests and social unrest. Guidepost has several training options available, from one-hour high level briefings up to and including a 10-day full-scope seminar.

Insurance Evaluations for Kidnap, Ransom + Extortion

Guidepost evaluates specific existing and future requirements for Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion Insurance for the principal.

Online Threat Monitoring

Guidepost offers real-time, 24/7/365 surface and dark web monitoring to identify any published information on the principal, their assets, current/pending legal actions, travel history, known/suspected places of residence, threats, emerging trends (positive and negative), and reputation narratives. Specifically, we review national and international media as well as blogs, chat forums, and social media.

Geo-fenced Monitoring

Guidepost will supplement internet-wide monitoring with geo-fenced monitoring during a principal’s planned trip, such as public appearances or week-long conferences. For example, social media posts published or broadcast from within the hotel or from nearby buildings are pushed to local security teams to help identify approaching threats or remove the principal from a dangerous or embarrassing situation.

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