Tim Atchison

Senior Consultant
Tim Atchison smiling at the camera for a headshot

Tim Atchison, a subject matter expert in security and compliance matters, is a committed leader with more than 10 years of experience managing security teams across multiple locations. He brings diverse expertise across safety focused environments, in alignment with protection policies, and physical and security system operations that meet compliance-mandated certification standards. His expert knowledge includes security concepts, legislative rules, and investigation procedures, focused on critical and current principles and practices. Mr. Atchison’s experience includes conducting rigorous assessments that promote safety improvements in coordination with executive management and cross-functional teams to develop strategies for criteria and procedural safety standards for cost effective, time sensitive project execution. He has experience liaising with industry counterparts including law enforcement, intelligence, and investigative agencies and excels in interpersonal communication, crisis management, and security performance.

In his previous position as a regional security manager, Mr. Atchison designed and coordinated corporate-wide security programs and safety measures, leading a team of seven site supervisors across the western region. He managed all fiscal planning, and forecasting for the United States western region, performed all CCTV company upgrades and served as the primary point of contract for vendors. Mr. Atchison effortlessly managed multiple projects simultaneously, providing extraordinary insights, observations, and recommendations.

At Guidepost, Mr. Atchison is a Senior Consultant with responsibilities that include leveraging long-term relationships to expand Guidepost’s client base into new markets. He will also be managing and providing subject matter expertise for various projects.

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