Forensic Accounting

In an increasingly sophisticated and regulated business world, your approach to preparing and disclosing financials can be just as telling as the numbers themselves. The pressures of an economic downturn, a misguided drive to live up to market expectations or just plain greed can lead to fraud, expropriation or other financial malfeasance that may not be readily apparent to those outside an organization. These financial threats can devastate your business or potential venture if left undiscovered or unchecked.

We ferret out fraud, financial manipulation or misrepresentation, accounting irregularities, or other financial misconduct, whether in support of investment due diligence, litigation, internal investigation, asset recovery, mandated monitorship, or in other contexts. Working in tandem, our investigators and forensic accountants help identify, understand, and address both simple and complex financial malfeasance. We will “follow the money” to allow you to make informed decisions that lead to results.

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Our Approach

Our team of experienced investigators, forensic accountants, and certified fraud examiners assess and audit financials to uncover any irregularities, gross misstatements or concerning trends. Our review includes an examination of the controls in place to address operational risks and the processes in place within your company for monitoring and testing such controls.

We structure audit programs for testing the adequacy of internal accounting controls to ensure the controls are operating as intended in support of minimizing misconduct and ensuring a company’s books and records accurately and fairly reflect transactions.

The first step includes gathering sufficient information to understand the company’s operations and conducting data analytics. Both activities enable our team to identify:

  • Which business processes have the highest risk of fraudulent activity
  • How fraud occurs in these high-risk processes and the manner in which an individual could both perpetrate and conceal such fraud
  • What data and data analyses is needed to spotlight the nature, scope and extent of the fraud

Our onsite team conducts interviews with key employees in select high-risk business operations, perform data analytics and then evaluate and test your company’s internal accounting controls.

Upon completion of the audit, we analyze the information collected, prepare a report outlining the results of the audit and develop recommendations for improvements to your company’s internal accounting controls, as well as corrections to any financial statement issues.

Sample Engagements

International Pharmaceutical Company (Confidential) 

Guidepost served as a special consultant to a large international pharmaceutical company for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to conduct internal audits and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) audits for compliance.

Biovail Corporation (Now Known as Valeant Pharaceuticals)

A Guidepost professional conducted an FCPA internal investigation of its U.S. listed company with subsidiaries in Europe, India and South America involving a large amount of forensic accounting.

Not-for-Profit (Confidential)

Guidepost conducted a forensic accounting investigation for this large not-for- profit organization whose chief financial officer misappropriated millions of dollars.