Construction Monitoring Services

Public authorities, construction companies and developers spend millions (if not billions) developing and building commercial and residential projects. Those working on these projects must comply with a wide and overlapping range of federal, state and local laws and regulations. Integral to that compliance is the accuracy and reliability of project records regarding issues ranging from labor practices to procurement practices to environmental and safety measures.

We oversee, from an integrity standpoint, all facets of large-scale construction projects and the activities of large construction companies across the landscape of their projects. Each construction monitoring assignment is designed to deter, identify and address fraud, financial malfeasance, violations of law and ethics, waste, and abuse, as well as to verify a construction project’s performance according to its plan, budget and schedule.

When we are engaged for construction monitoring services, we deploy our integrated team of attorneys, field investigators, forensic accountants and engineers to monitor all aspects of a project or company’s activities. Whether retained by a public entity or a private organization, we bring to each assignment a long history of industry experience and an appreciation of the particular perspectives, sensitivities and goals clients in each sector have with respect to a monitorship assignment. Our work on numerous monitoring engagements in the construction industry has helped our clients increase their confidence in the integrity of their projects and business activities and promote compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Our team has been engaged to provide construction monitoring services on behalf of numerous quasi-governmental and private entities, as well as the EB-5 Immigration Investment Program. Monitoring in construction includes everything from posting undercover agents at construction sites for gathering field intelligence to auditing project billing and labor practices, to reviewing environmental and safety compliance processes.

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Typical areas of focus include:

  • Procurement
  • Fiscal oversight
  • Records compliance
  • Policy and procedures review
  • Subcontractor vetting
  • Vendor screening
  • Subcontractor/vendor billing audits
  • Davis Bacon and prevailing wage compliance
  • M/WDBE compliance
  • Environmental, fire and safety mandates
  • Employee hours/rates verification
  • Investigations of undue union influence
  • Investigations of employee fraud
  • Ensuring adherence to grant assistance programs
  • Verification of materials certification procedures

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