Windsor Unified School District


Located in Northern California, Windsor Unified School District consists of nine education learning centers, including traditional elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as an additional learning academy. In 2018, the school district embarked on a security and technology upgrade program to improve security measures and technologies deployed across the district. The District’s primary goal was to improve the safety and security of the learning and working environment for students, staff, and visitors. It required a district-wide assessment of security measures and technology to provide an overview and perspective of the existing conditions. Guidepost was engaged to perform the assessment and help define the future direction and roadmap for a phased implementation and upgrade program of security measures and technology.

Guidepost Solutions

Our team conducted a comprehensive physical site assessment of all district schools and learning centers with a focus on key physical security components including visitor management, access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, emergency communications, and door hardware. We delivered a comprehensive findings and considerations assessment.

We coordinated key stakeholder interviews to understand the operational culture of existing safety and security and identify the individual school nuances that are critical to each location’s security posture. Upon completion, the assessment supported the development of a crosswalk gap analysis between existing conditions and the desired future state, detailing the actions necessary to realize that future state.

In our continuing relationship with the District, we are actively working to provide security electronics and communications systems design, and construction administration services. Our team has delivered full design-bid-build packages for all locations and we serve as the District’s agent during the final system testing with the installation contractor. Guidepost has provided these services for the District’s video surveillance and public address systems.

Windsor High School entrance arch

Benefit to the Client

Our engagement with the District has matured into a sustained and trusted partnership. In an era when the vulnerabilities of security at schools are exploited and exposed with increasing frequency, Windsor took the intentional steps of engaging us to proactively evaluate, identify, and address security vulnerabilities, thus improving the ability to safeguard the students, staff, and visitors on their campus. We also help protect the District’s budget considerations through astute and careful attention while serving as its agent and advocate throughout the implementation process. Through this engagement, we helped the District successfully implement technology that supported operational needs, support identification of vandalism, graffiti from a forensic perspective, and support situational awareness of student activity at known areas where incidents occur. Use of mobile applications to view video served as a force-multiplier for the incident response teams.

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