Jack R. Plaxe

Senior Consultant

Jack Plaxe is a security, crisis, and risk management professional with nearly 30 years of proven experience. His focus is on assisting with the design and implementation of custom security programs based on best practices to protect people, facilities, assets, operations, information, and corporate reputation.

A security consultant for many years, Mr. Plaxe began his career focused on anti-terrorism assessments and planning for government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels. For eight years, he led security assessments of federal buildings after the Oklahoma City bombing, as well as assessments of airports, rail terminals, public safety facilities, water systems, and school systems.

In 2004, Mr. Plaxe shifted his consulting focus to corporate clients and began working with major U.S. companies in the aerospace, real estate, hotels & resorts, construction & farm machinery, logistics, and other industries.

Over the years, his project highlights have included:

  • Security planning for Viking Penguin after publication of Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses
  • Security assessments of federal offices after the Oklahoma City bombing
  • Open-source intelligence collection on militia and paramilitary groups across the 10 federal regions
  • Crisis management planning and tabletop exercises for Union Station in Washington, DC
  • Security planning and crisis management pre- and post-9/11 for major US airports
  • Terrorism threat and vulnerability assessment of the new Chicago OEMC/911 Center
  • Security assessments at high-risk sites for Chicago Public Schools.
  • Terrorism threat and vulnerability assessment of the Chicago Water system after 9/11
  • Security planning for American businesses operating in Mexico
  • Security planning and violence threat assessment for a college President who received a threatening communication.
  • Security planning for a Fortune 500 CEO and his family at multiple residences
  • Active shooter assessments, program development, and tabletop exercises for a major national retailer

Immediately prior to joining Guidepost Solutions, Mr. Plaxe founded and led an independent security consulting firm providing general security consulting, corporate security consulting, cyber security consulting, and resilience consulting services.

Did You Know?

Jack is an avid reader and book collector.  His personal library contains more than 1,000 books on the subjects of security, terrorism, espionage, and warfare.


  • Graduate studies in Terrorism & Security, University of St. Andrews
  • Bachelor of Science, International Relations, Georgetown University


  • FBI InfraGard
  • US Secret Service – Electronic Crimes Task Force
  • ASIS International – Global Terrorism Council
  • US Department of State – OSAC


  • Spanish