Data Center + Critical Infrastructure Security

Security for Mission Critical Operational Environments

In an increasingly interconnected and complicated world, data and infrastructure are consistently intermingled and dependent upon each other. Our global security teams and certified project managers recognize the growing need for specialized expertise in safeguarding our client’s vital assets. We provide a comprehensive suite of solutions spanning physical security, cybersecurity, security and low voltage engineering, and risk management and have completed more than 100 projects in the data center sector.

Data Center and Critical Infrastructure (DCCI) security consulting is a specialized practice dedicated to protecting the physical assets, digital infrastructure, and operational continuity of data centers, critical infrastructure facilities, public infrastructure, and corrections. These facilities encompass a wide range of infrastructure vital to the functioning of society, including power plants, data centers, telecommunications networks, transportation systems, and more.

Data centers and critical infrastructure facilities are the backbone of modern society, supporting essential services and operations across various sectors. However, they are also prime targets for malicious actors seeking to disrupt operations, steal sensitive information, or cause widespread damage. The DCCI practice addresses these threats head-on, providing tailored security solutions to mitigate risks and ensure the resilience of these critical assets.

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Services Include:

  • Strategic planning for newly envisioned locations
  • Analyzing and selecting tomorrow’s technologies for implementation
  • Business continuity assessments and planning
  • Facility security assessments and development of foundation for proper physical security and network design
  • Privacy of data procedures

Experienced Providers

Guidepost serves as a trusted advisor in the development of systems that result in work efficiencies, protect employee safety, and contribute to collaborative cultures. As an independent consultant, our recommendations are completely objective and unbiased. Our team helps balance clients’ budgets and business needs for the most cost-effective blend of industry-best solutions. From consultation to design through implementation management, we support each project every step of the way using our holistic project approach.

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Specialized Expertise

In an era of escalating cyber threats and physical security challenges, the need for specialized expertise in safeguarding data centers and critical infrastructure has never been greater. Our team offers a comprehensive suite of solutions spanning physical security, cybersecurity, security engineering, and risk management to address these challenges head-on. By partnering with us, organizations enhance the resilience and security of their critical assets, ensuring the continuity of operations and the protection of sensitive information.

Our DCCI practice offers comprehensive physical security assessments and solutions tailored to the unique needs of data centers and critical infrastructure facilities. This includes threat and vulnerability assessment and management, countermeasure selections, security operations program evaluation and development, and guidance on electronic and physical security countermeasures and security operations. By implementing robust physical security measures, we create layers of protection to ensure early detection, deter unauthorized access, and safeguard physical assets. Our holistic approach includes recommendations for architecture and landscaping, building programming, staffing, and communications.

Effective risk management is fundamental to the continuity and resilience of data centers and critical infrastructure. Our DCCI practice conducts comprehensive risk assessments, identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities, assesses potential impacts on operations, and develops risk mitigation strategies. We work closely with clients to prioritize risks, allocate resources effectively, and implement controls to reduce the likelihood and severity of adverse events.

Our team specializes in security and low voltage engineering, collaborating closely with clients, architects, and construction teams to design customized solutions that align with specific requirements and operational constraints. From designing secure access control systems to integrating state-of-the-art surveillance technologies, we engineer solutions that enhance the security posture of data centers and critical infrastructure facilities. Our expertise extends to audio-visual, structured cabling, network engineering design, mass notification, public address, and fire life safety.

In the digital age, cyber threats pose a significant risk to data centers and critical infrastructure. Our experts specialize in identifying and mitigating cybersecurity vulnerabilities, conducting thorough assessments of digital infrastructure and designing robust protection systems. By adopting a proactive approach to cybersecurity, we help mitigate the risk of data breaches, cyber-attacks, and operational disruptions.

Data Center Experts

Data centers are considered an intricate part of the formation of critical national infrastructure. As the world’s economies become increasingly dependent upon online services, the compromise of a major data center could present an economic impact or cause serious damage to a company’s reputation. We have assessed, designed, and managed technology systems within data centers for many years.  We have extensive experience working internationally, and know the pitfalls to avoid and the opportunities to be gained when managing data center projects remotely.

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