City of Provo School District


The Provo City School District in Utah is made up of nineteen (19) schools, which include two traditional high schools, one alternative high school, two middle schools, 13 elementary schools and one online school. The school district is committed to enhancing its existing physical security program and measures to better serve the approximately 16,000 students it enrolls each year and provide safety and security to its students, teachers, staff, and visitors. The district commissioned a comprehensive ground up threat, vulnerability and risk assessment (TVRA) of its physical security components and operational policy and procedures.

Guidepost Solutions

Guidepost conducted physical security and safety assessments across the entire district and coordinated key stakeholder and individual school leadership interviews to develop an understanding of the existing safety and security operational culture and environment at the District. Our team assessed multiple components of physical security including access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, emergency communications, visitor management, and duress button systems. Additional mechanical components included door hardware, window treatments, signage and wayfinding, traffic control and lighting. Guidepost conducted a GAP analysis of operational policy and procedure documents and provided best practice recommendations, policy updates and templates to support deployment of consistent policies and procedures.

the front of provo high school

Benefit to the Client

Engaging Guidepost helped the District develop a baseline from which future consistency in systems deployment and operational policy and procedure could be implemented. Guidepost’s comprehensive TVRA provided recommendations and solutions to correct identified issues and to utilize existing security technology equipment to maximize both operational performance and return on investment. The TVRA provided guidance and governance to the security program recommending that a phased security upgrade program approach be adopted by the District. Guidepost provided policy and procedure templates helped eliminate existing gaps in emergency event response and reduce risk identified within the GAP analysis. As its strategic partner and safety and security advisor, Guidepost continues to support the District’s future plans to develop new security systems standards and maintain annual safety and security audits throughout the District.

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