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Public authorities, construction companies and developers spend billions of dollars developing and building commercial, residential and infrastructure projects. Those working on such projects must comply with a wide and overlapping range of federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Integral to that compliance is the accuracy and reliability of project records regarding issues ranging from labor and procurement practices to environmental and safety measures.

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Ensuring Uncompromised Integrity

We oversee, from an integrity standpoint, all facets of large-scale construction projects and the activities of the construction companies involved. Each monitoring assignment is designed to deter, identify, and address fraud, financial malfeasance, violations of law and ethics, waste and abuse.

Comprehensive Construction Integrity Monitoring

Our team includes attorneys, field investigators, forensic accountants and safety and environmental compliance experts who monitor all aspects of a project or company’s activities. Whether retained by a public entity or private organization, we bring to each assignment a wealth of industry experience and an appreciation of the perspectives, sensitivities, and goals of our clients. Our construction integrity monitoring services will instill greater confidence in the integrity of your projects and promote overall compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

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