Trade Compliance

We provide guidance on trade compliance programs that includes compliance reviews, monitorships, and investigations to establish systems and processes and build a culture of ethical behavior.

Members of our expert team served in the government agencies responsible for enforcing regulations and understand the mindset of regulators and prosecutors.

Our export compliance consultants have experience with U.S. export control requirements including Export Administration Regulations (EAR), International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regulations.

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Anti-Dumping Investigations

Guidepost specializes in conducting complex anti-dumping investigations, providing businesses with comprehensive insights and strategic guidance to navigate the complexities of international trade regulations.

Led by former Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry & Security officials as well as former Department of Homeland Security officials and import/export analysts, our team is uniquely positioned to offer unparalleled expertise in conducting investigations, analyzing trade data, conducting market research, and preparing thorough reports to support anti-dumping investigations.

We work closely with clients to identify instances of dumping, assess the impact on their operations, and develop robust strategies to address the issue effectively. Our seasoned professionals leverage their insider knowledge and understanding of regulatory processes to represent clients in legal proceedings and advocate for their interests before relevant authorities.

By partnering with our experts, businesses can confidently mitigate the risk of facing punitive tariffs, safeguard their competitive position, and ensure compliance with import/export laws. Our tailored solutions empower clients to navigate the complexities of global trade with assurance and integrity.

We can assist with:

Anti-dumping investigations

Compliance project development

Current trade policies and procedures and your company’s level of compliance

Specialized investigations subject matter expert

Internal investigations

Compliance training for EAR, ITAR, and OFAC regulations

License applications, commodity jurisdictions and related forms

Government investigations and audits

Current programs benchmarking against industry standards

Trade compliance technology including sanctions filters and import/export management

Voluntary disclosure or other complex research/investigations

Potential deemed export issues and implement controls to avoid unauthorized technology transfer

Import/export strategies with applicable regulations

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