Cannabis Security

With a growing number of states legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational use, companies operating in this market must expand their capacity to cultivate, process, and distribute quickly. At the same time, they must navigate an abundance of security concerns, logistical challenges, and ever-evolving regulations. We help those navigating the many complexities that arise in the cannabis industry.

Our team of expert consultants has experience serving in the security, investigations, intelligence, and public safety communities. The leader of our cannabis practice has years of experience as a security director for both a hospital and medical cannabis organization. He has been responsible for security at more than 20 locations in multiple states. He serves as a director and executive committee member of the ASIS International Professional Standards Board and is the vice-chair of the Transportation and Security subcommittee of the ASTM Committee D37 on Cannabis, working to develop standards for the cannabis industry.

We can help you assess and address your security, communication and safety needs with an integrated suite of technology design, project management, and operational consulting services. We can assist with the permit application process and the development and implementation of all parts of your security plan to include management, operations and technology strategies.

In addition, we can provide the tools needed to prevent fraud and reduce the risk of criminal activity associated with diversion, theft, and sabotage. Members of our team have vast experience working in highly regulated industries, as well as serving in the government agencies responsible for enforcing stringent regulations. We understand the mind-set of regulators, prosecutors, and in-house compliance and legal teams.

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Security Services for the Cannabis Industry Include:

  • Content for Applications/Licensing/Permitting
  • Operations Center Design and Implementation
  • Design and Project Management
  • Master Planning
  • Post Orders
  • Officer Training
  • Awareness Training
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Transportation and Delivery Planning
  • Executive Planning and Protection

Our experts can also assist with business related issues including:

Case Studies