Operational Security

Operational Security is a risk management process that reviews an entire organization for vulnerabilities and designs countermeasures to effectively mitigate/reduce the opportunity for those vulnerabilities to be exploited. Guidepost applies an all-hazards approach, evaluating the critical operational aspects of an organization and how they intersect with the security function. Leveraging the Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) framework, we cooperatively develop a roadmap to address the current risk challenges of an organization and create a sustainable approach incorporating continuous improvement concepts to ensure adaptability over time.

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Policies and Procedures Development

We provide comprehensive, third-party analysis of security policies and procedures to identify weak points in operations as well as investigate specific concerns. In addition to analyzing existing systems, we can develop new or fine-tune current policies and procedures tailored to meet the current threat landscape.

Our team of security specialists includes several former chief security officers and a core staff of ASIS International-certified experts, all of whom have extensive experience evaluating, developing, and implementing security systems policies and procedures. Working with us ensures that every credible security threat and scenario is considered, and a proactive plan is in place to address and minimize a potential incident. We develop tailored policies and procedures to meet the unique security requirements of any organization as well as conform to the industry laws and regulations for every country it’s conducting business.

Security Force Evaluations + Modeling + RFP Services

Security officer services are an integral part of most security programs and play a key role in supporting employees and mitigating risk to the enterprise. When it comes to preventing crime, an alert security officer sends a much stronger message than video surveillance alone. Most criminals would rather be anonymously captured on film than caught in the act. A well-trained security officer provides the advantage of real-time critical assessments that cameras and systems can’t begin to compute, making security forces one of the most versatile and valuable components of a security management plan.

We offer security force evaluations to help you determine whether to outsource or insource your security needs and weigh the benefits of using either armed or unarmed forces. When deciding to outsource security forces, we can further assist with the preparation of the RFP documents and the evaluation of incoming bids to find the best fit.

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