It is critical that smart buildings operate as designed. Both final testing and third-party commissioning are critical to ensuring that your technology investment meets the operational design intent and business needs. Our approach is comprehensive and client-focused to ensure that your vision and expectation is successfully achieved. 

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Our approach to performing final systems testing and commissioning focuses on following four key elements.  


Understanding the design intent and required functionality of technology deployment is imperative to success. Our experience utilizing interactive tools for final systems testing and commissioning provides a gateway for effective communication between end-users, contractors and the owner’s representative during this process.  

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Thorough review of design documentation technical content, installation schematics, and operational intent provides insight into systems operational expectation and value for the end-user. Commissioning activity includes punch lists and back punch walks to provide formal verification that all identified items of issue are corrected prior to formal project acceptance.  

Schedule and Budget Control

Our team of system commissioners is responsible for maintaining the project schedule, along with internal budget controls relevant to final systems testing, and commissioning to ensure a successful and coordinated engagement.

Risk Management

Engaging our team to provide commissioning services mitigates risk associated with contractors testing their own work. Through utilization of previously described communication and testing tools, we provide system verification and communicate mitigation, acceptance, or avoidance solutions as appropriate.

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