Challenge: a Multinational Needed to Protect the Integrity of Its Workforce + Strengthen Business Resiliency.


Infosys, a multinational digital services and consulting company, was seeking to streamline its global health and safety program to address its more than 279,000 employees with locations and subsidiaries in over 50 countries. Infosys engaged Guidepost to provide subject matter expertise and oversight of its entire health and safety program.

Guidepost Solutions

Specific services and initiatives include:

  • Development of the Infosys Global Health & Safety Policy
  • Development and assistance with a health and safety hazard identification risk assessment
  • Cyclical development and delivery of an annual health and safety employee training program
  • Development of site-specific emergency response plans
  • Development of OSHA-based site compliance audit checklist
  • Pandemic preparedness and response protocols
  • Health and safety gap analysis of subsidiary companies
  • Alignment of subsidiary company H&S Programs to Client’s Standards
  • Compliance management tracking

Benefit to the Client

Since early 2019, Guidepost has been involved in the strategic development and implementation of Infosys’ global policies and procedures by implementing solutions that cascade to all locations and subsidiaries.

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