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Guidepost Solutions helps our clients to master the facts with our integrated team of investigative, forensic, and research professionals. Whether such facts are hidden in plain sight, scattered on a hard drive, or innocently or maliciously obscured, our team is expert at discovering, analyzing, and presenting this data.

Integrity Monitoring

Guidepost Solutions provides comprehensive compliance consulting and integrity monitoring services to help our clients prevent, identify and resolve instances of misconduct, financial malfeasance and violations of law and ethics. We deploy our integrated team of attorneys, investigators and forensic accountants in proactive ethics and compliance program reviews as well as in response to government-mandated monitorships.


Guidepost Solutions provides an integrated suite of threat, risk and vulnerability assessments, project management and operational consulting services to help clients achieve the maximum level of security. We help clients to identify, measure and analyze a full spectrum of physical, cyber and integrity threats, risks and vulnerabilities.


Guidepost Solutions Technology Design Consulting (TDC) offers consulting and design services and specializes in helping organizations assess and address their security and safety infrastructure needs, including low-voltage security systems, fire alarm, audiovisual and communications. We provide innovative consulting, design and management services that balance realistic business needs with industry-leading, cost-effective solutions.

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