Countering Disinformation Under Attack

Event Date 03/19/2024

Social media and digital spaces are the prisms through which people view the world. It is where people communicate, receive news and information, and develop beliefs of morality, ethics, and fact. Truth has become relative due to the influence of aphorisms and memes. Time to fight back, counter and neutralize adversaries, and flip the narrative on disinformation targeting you and your business.

Join Bradley Dizik and Alec Harris from havenX to learn more about the rapid increase in disinformation campaigns and effective ways to confront them head on. This session will cover:

Anatomy of a Disinformation Influence Campaign

  • Digital Platform Influencers and Disinformation
  • Bot Farms and Generative AI
  • Sentiment Consequences

Turning the Tide: Strategies and Tactics to Counter and Neutralize Disinformation Influence Campaigns

  • AI and Automation to Capture and Preserve Evidence
  • Investigate/Unmask Anonymous Adversaries and Map Influence Campaign Networks
  • Educate and Build Bridges
  • Amplify the Truth

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