ISC West 2024: The Balancing Act Between Physical and Digital Technology That Redefines Security Without Compromise

Cathal J. Walsh MS, MBA April 15, 2024

In a recent MarketScale Experts Talk roundtable, Cathal Walsh joined a group of industry experts to discuss the question: How can organizations effectively balance integrating physical security measures with digital innovations without compromising either practice? This issue is particularly pertinent as industries continually adapt to technological advancements while striving to maintain robust physical security measures.


Cathal Walsh in a suit and tie is smiling at the camera for a professional headshot

Cathal J. Walsh MS, MBA

Vice President, Physical Security and Chief Security Officer

Cathal J. Walsh has over 20 years of security management experience within large multinational organizations and private risk management advisory firms. With his deep industry knowledge of physical and cyber security, fraud, investigations, and crisis management, he delivers solutions that align each discipline with the client’s overall corporate strategy, governing regulated environment, and addresses evolving industry risks. At Guidepost, Mr. Walsh advises C-Suite executives, boards, and heads of security with strategic guidance to address their most critical physical security and risk management matters. In addition, he serves as the firm’s chief security officer overseeing its security strategy and operations.