NICE Financial Markets Compliance Webinar

Eric Young
Event Date 03/13/2024

Regulators and financial services firms around the world are placing a greater focus on misconduct. The proliferation of new communication channels, used by employees, and the growing volumes of data, are making it difficult to catch misconduct. Eric Young will share his expertise on the topic during the NICE Financial Markets Compliance Webinar, “Unlocking Compliance Data to Prevent Misconduct Across New Digital Channels”.


Eric Young

Senior Managing Director

Eric T. Young advises highly regulated organizations on reengineering compliance, ethics, and regulatory technology programs to enable reputable and sustainable business growth. He has deep regulatory experience having spent close to 40 years in chief compliance officer roles at some of the world’s largest institutions, including five global banks. Throughout his career, Mr. Young has remediated and transformed corporate compliance programs and financial crime compliance programs including sanctions; integrated compliance and ethics cultures between regions, countries and companies to ensure consistency across enterprises; built compliance budgets; enhanced reporting; created governance frameworks and risk assessment, monitoring and testing programs; closed compliance gaps; restructured compliance teams; and mentored junior staff to create a pipeline of future compliance leaders and enable grassroots compliance ideas, solutions and digital upgrades.