Regulator Responsive Monitorships

We offer a strong background in integrity and compliance monitoring as well as with national security matters. Many on our team have served in senior positions within the U.S. Intelligence Community including the Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, Central Intelligence Agency, and the FBI.  Some have served with the Department of Commerce which adds to our capabilities. As a result of our experience, we can uniquely and effectively serve as compliance monitors for CFIUS mitigation measures.

Many of our professionals have worked as compliance monitors around the world, and in multiple settings. In these roles, we evaluate compliance with government orders and settlement agreements, provide recommendations for remediation of any deficiencies; and report findings to both the business and the government. We use our expertise and skills in deep research and due diligence, forensic accounting, and digital evidence, along with our computer specialists to accomplish our efforts.

Our team is fully equipped to evaluate compliance with CFIUS mitigation measures, such as:

  • Access to restricted technology
  • Guidelines for handling and protecting U.S. government customer and other sensitive information, and the systems containing such information
  • Requirements for U.S. nationals to perform key functions
  • Requirements for certain key functions to only be performed in the United States
  • Obtaining approval from security officers or U.S. government parties for visits by foreign nationals to U.S. businesses
  • Adoption of security measures to ensure the integrity of goods sold to U.S. customers
  • Notification to U.S. customers of the change of ownership to allow them to implement their own security measures, if necessary
  • Assuring continuous supply or requiring consultation with U.S. customers before making certain decisions or exiting a business line

We have the national security expertise and compliance monitorship experience to:

  • Evaluate compliance with CFIUS mitigation agreements
  • Work with businesses to develop remediation plans for any deficiencies
  • Report findings to the government