United Arab Emirates

Guidepost was Engaged to Monitor Compliance with Treaties Involving the Repatriation + Compensation of Jockeys Trafficked into the UAE 

Guidepost Solutions’ chairman was engaged to monitor compliance with treaties entered into with the UAE to repatriate and compensate boys who were trafficked into the UAE from countries including Bangladesh, Mauritania, Pakistan and Sudan for the purpose of camel jockeying. The U.S. State Department has criticized the UAE for this alleged trafficking and maltreatment of boys upon arrival in its nation. The UAE, primarily Dubai, wanted to compensate as many boys as possible. As the compliance monitor, we wrote the rules of procedure for all hearings and attended many of them in each country; ensured that as many boys as possible who qualified for compensation attended the hearings; and coordinated efforts with the United Nations to ensure the victims received medical attention and compensation. As a result, 2,500 boys received compensation.

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