Federal Procurement

Let us help you realize success in the federal marketplace.

We help those with existing government contracts, as well as those seeking to enter the realm of federal acquisition, expand their business development opportunities within the federal and law enforcement sectors.

We are well-positioned to assist you with:

Business Opportunities Analysis

The decision to pursue contract opportunities is enhanced with the guidance of our experienced executives who understand the federal procurement environment.  We advise on how your capabilities match with prospective opportunities.  We also help you better understand agency decision-making processes, key players and operational issues. Our subject matter experts can provide insight into potential utilization of your offerings based on their years of operational experience.

Partnership Opportunities

Our team has the expertise and network to provide successful teaming opportunities to strengthen your proposal.  The Guidepost team of former federal prosecutors, agents and administrators has a vast network it can tap into to ramp up and surge contract staff across the country. Our management team can provide expertise, advice and field experience to successfully manage government awarded contracts of all sizes.

Proposal Advisory Services

We can guide your team in ensuring your proposal resonates with the customer to provide you the best opportunity to capture business. We advise on strategies for pricing and other proposal elements crucial to success in the challenging procurement environment. Our years of experience inside the federal government overseeing the source selection process and ultimate source selection decisions make us a critical partner in the capture phase.

Contract Administration Support

Developing and maintaining your relationship with your customers is vital to success. We can advise you on how to ensure your relationship is productive so that customer satisfaction is maximized. As the operating environment changes, we can assist you in working with your customer to administer and optimize the contract during its life cycle.

Contract Performance + Compliance Support

Practices and processes in the federal sector differ from those in the commercial sector and it is easy to unintentionally run afoul of federal requirements. As a global leader in compliance consulting, we can evaluate your contract compliance efforts, note any gaps, and recommend best practices.

In addition, we can assist you in ensuring that your performance under the contract is meeting your customer’s expectations. Successful contract performance greatly increases your chances for additional work, as past performance evaluation plays heavily in source selection decisions.

Bid Protest Analysis

We understand that not all capture efforts are successful, despite best efforts. In such as case, it is critical that you carefully consider your next steps. We can help you quickly and rationally examine the situation and advise on the best course of action.

Expert Witness

When legal issues arise, you may need expert opinions and advice regarding the intricacies of the procurement process.  Our many years inside the federal contracting world dealing with such matters can help you through these difficult challenges.

Why choose Guidepost?

  • Our team has served in key leadership roles throughout the government, including the U.S. Departments of Homeland Security, Justice, Defense, and Commerce, as well as the FBI, CIA, ATF, Drug Enforcement Administration, and other governmental agencies.
  • We have specific expertise and a unique understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing federal government agencies. Through our valued relationships, we can help you expand your business development initiatives by identifying and targeting specific government needs that can be met by your unique offerings.
  • We can support your efforts to be the “company of choice” when the government needs supplies and services that you provide.