Security Consulting

Executive Protection

Guidepost Solutions is a leader in the field of security consulting and risk management. We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of executives within enterprise institutions to maintain personal security and safety. Our services range from sophisticated global executive protection and emergency crisis response to security technology design and implementation. We offer personal security as a stand-alone service but often recommend utilizing our protective capabilities in conjunction with other services, thus creating a more cohesive offering.

Our team includes former federal and state prosecutors, former law enforcement agents from the Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security, as well as specialists from the U.S. Marshal Service Witness Protection Program and the New York City Police Department. We employ forensic identification experts, technology and cyber consultants, forensic accountants and other professionals with experience delivering professional services to high-net worth clients.

Executive Protection Agents – Our executive protection operations, modeled after U.S. federal law enforcement techniques, are designed for your safety and those closest to you during daily activities, travel and special events at levels tailored to your individual, situational and geographic needs. We go beyond protection with a well-armed staff; we also work to identify and prevent potential incidents before they occur.

Security Drivers – The focus of our security driver program is your personal safety and security and the reputational risk to your organization. Our drivers represent the first line of risk mitigation — they can identify emerging threats and take decisive action to counteract them. Guidepost security drivers also provide you with the ability to maximize your time and productivity while in transit.

Crisis Management/Special Events – We are often called during times of crisis, such as high-risk terminations or for special events, like Board meetings or for IPO’s. Our priority is to provide the right personnel and customized service. We offer a global 24/7/365 multi-lingual emergency hotline for situations at home or overseas that require immediate attention, including physical security threat of breach, disaster recovery, medical/mental health intervention, international medevac transport/evacuation, and other security issues.

  • Security Assessment: Physical assessment of home or office, analyzing defensibility architecture, electronic security systems, infrastructure dependencies, operations, staffing communications and the overall security program.
  • Cybersecurity Assessment: Assessment of internet of things, network security, and administration of credentials / logical control (passwords, etc.), network stability, and privacy of critical information.
  • Travel Security Assessment: Evaluation and analysis of the nature and risks specific to the principal’s mode and means of travel, including consideration for local and long-distance travel, drivers, global executive protection details, flights, accommodations, communications, and planning.
  • Open Source Assessment: Evaluation of open source information to determine the level of exposure.
  • Insurance Evaluation: Evaluation of specific existing and future requirements for Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion Insurance for the principal.
  • Vendor Due Diligence: Comprehensive due diligence investigations of vendors, employees, contractors who work and/or provide services to the principal, estate, and corporate entities.
  • IRS §132 “Fringe Benefit” Compliance: Proven experience working with clients to establish risk factors and need-based measures aligned with Title 26 CFR § 1.132-5 – Working condition fringes.

  • Physical Security Measures: Full design services to support the implementation of physical security measures such as gates, barriers, bulletproof glass, lighting systems, safe rooms, etc.
  • Technology Measures: Evaluation, design, management of bid process, and oversee the installation of security, audio visual, telecommunications, and fire life safety systems. Guidepost will certify the installation and system performance through a commissioning process to validate design intent and to ensure the system is programmed to requirements.
  • Operational Measures: Development of operational elements such as procedures, policies, training, contractor vetting, and principal training on emergencies, communication, use of social media, phishing, etc.

  • Dark Web/Social Media: Deployment of tools to continuously scan the digital environment for data points attributed to the principal as well as other private information (SSN, address, phone numbers, credit cards, banking, etc.).
  • Global Private Investigations, Surveillance and Undercover Operations: We protect reputations and assets through background investigations of your employees, professional service providers, social contacts, business partners and others to evaluate their character and fitness. Our data research analysts conduct discreet, comprehensive due diligence by analyzing relevant news and social media, information derived from proprietary databases, and information provided by local sources. When necessary, we provide discreet global field surveillance or implement legal surveillance tools.
  • Reputation Management: Using the same tradecraft used to protect and hide foreign assets defecting to the US from hostile governments, we offer the same level of expertise and resources for those who want to manage what the world knows about them.
  • Privacy/Anonymization: Working in conjunction with our reputation management service, we highly recommend obfuscating the identity of the principal. For those who want the most in privacy, we also offer services for financial and asset privacy.