Kelly Miller CTS-D

Senior Project Manager, Team Leader

Kelly Miller has more than 20 years of experience specializing in the design, implementation, and management of complex audiovisual systems. Mr. Miller has an extensive background in technology consulting and planning for standardization of communication systems in large square footage environments. His technical experience includes MATV/CCTV, videoconferencing networks, PA and background audio, presentation technology, media storage and servers, control systems, observation and surveillance systems, value engineering, and commissioning.

Mr. Miller has developed a proven design approach that meet clients’ needs in terms of aesthetics as well as operational and sustainability concerns. He incorporates a clean design for audiovisual systems that centralize the operation of all equipment in one area, resulting in significant cost savings and a longer operational lifetime for technical equipment.



Bachelor of Arts, California State University at Fullerton


  • Project Management Institute
  • Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
  • American Telemedicine Association