Jeff McLaughlin

Senior Consultant
Jeff McLaughlin in a suit and tie is smiling for the camera

Jeff McLaughlin, a senior consultant at Guidepost, brings over 25 years of expertise in the security industry. His experience spans individual contributions as well as leadership roles, supporting both national and international clients. In recent years, his focus has been on the aerospace and data center sectors, where he demonstrates a profound understanding of internal and external risks and adeptly mitigates them.

His technical proficiency encompasses access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, and fire/life safety systems. Moreover, he has successfully led multidisciplinary teams comprising engineering, operations, business development, and project management, ensuring the seamless execution of large, intricate projects to the utmost standards of quality, client satisfaction, and end-user experience.

In his prior capacity as a senior account executive, Mr. McLaughlin concentrated on serving major enterprise clients such as Microsoft, Sabey, Blue Origin, and Astra Aerospace. He provided meticulous oversight and coordination of top-tier service and support, particularly in Microsoft data center projects. Collaborating closely with costing teams, he delivered precise proposals aligned with budgetary constraints and expectations. He also liaised with engineering teams to produce accurate drawings, submittals, and as-builts, and worked in tandem with project management teams to ensure timely and successful installations that met project objectives.

Throughout his career, Mr. McLaughlin has dedicated himself to continuous learning, completing extensive industry factory training and continuing education programs. His exemplary leadership skills have earned him numerous achievement awards.


Jeff McLaughlin and his wife Cathy are both avid scuba divers and spear fisherman. They have traveled across North and Central America from Alaska to Belize in pursuit of their endeavor.


  • University of Alaska
  • Lane Community College


  • NICET Certification