Jacqueline Pluta ACAMS


Jacqueline Pluta is an analyst with Guidepost Solutions working on a variety of issues across multiple industries. Most recently, Ms. Pluta completed a compliance review for a community bank with 13 locations, where she developed several review procedures to test the bank’s compliance with regulatory requirements including the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and Truth in Savings Act.  She also participated in a banking sanctions review for a confidential client, where she researched and created reports for a 500+ document management project. She provided an I-9 review for a large-food chain and assisted with anti-money laundering projects.

Recently Ms. Pluta was appointed project lead for an anti-money laundering project. She completes anti-money laundering alerts daily by reviewing transactions and researching parties involved. Ms. Pluta is responsible for summarizing productive and nonproductive alerts reversed by quality control members and answering follow up questions. She is accountable for giving daily metrics and progress reports for each team member and team, showing the percentage of completion for that day. In addition, she attends daily conference calls to discuss issues, progress and steps moving forward with the team and client.

Prior to joining Guidepost, Ms. Pluta served as a student researcher for the University of Virginia’s (UVA) President’s Commission on the Age of Segregation. She created Civil War ancestry databases, transcribed, and digitized historical documents, and curated social media posts. She also served as a research assistant for UVA’s Assessment of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, where she authored, collected, and categorized articles, developed reports, coordinated national and international webinars, and presented focused research to multiple project stakeholders.

Ms. Pluta also served as a volunteer at Monticello providing visitors with historical information on Thomas Jefferson and providing general wayfinding. While at the America Enterprise Institute, she analyzed data, participated in global roundtables that reviewed economic and policy reform articles, and engaged in discussions with policy makers on economics and proposed new ideas. Additionally, Ms. Pluta was a substitute teacher and administrative assistant for the Program for Academic and Leadership Skills in Washington, DC.


  • Bachelor of Arts, History, University of Virginia


  • Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS)


  • College Council Department Representative Program
  • American Enterprise Institute Executive Council at University of Virginia