Addressing Sexual Misconduct at U-M, New Office will Lead this Work with Focus on Care, Support, Education, Prevention

Asha Muldro / Bradley L. Dizik July 15, 2021

Led by Asha Muldro and Bradley L. Dizik, today the University of Michigan announced a number of historic actions to implement changes to the institution’s structure, policies and practices to better prevent, identify and respond to reports of sexual and gender-based misconduct.

We are pleased to assist the university as it transforms its culture and sexual and gender-based misconduct practices to prioritize care, support, education, and prevention. The University of Michigan has committed to becoming the premier program for equity, civil rights and Title IX in the nation. All of these actions combined will place the university on a path to become a national leader and an example for peer and aspirant universities and colleges nationwide.

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Asha Muldro

Deputy General Counsel, Senior Managing Director

Asha Muldro is deputy general counsel and a senior managing director in the Los Angeles office of Guidepost Solutions. She directs an array of investigative, compliance, and monitoring matters for corporations and individuals and conducts proactive investigations to acquire evidence of corporate and individual wrongdoing, including the use of covert techniques. Previously, Ms. Muldro was a partner at an elite litigation boutique where she led white collar investigations, defense matters, and complex civil litigation cases and Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Central District of California.

Brad Dizik professional photograph

Bradley L. Dizik

Executive Vice President, Emerging Issues + Technology

Bradley Dizik advises publicly held, private and not-for-profit institutions on integrity issues, including development and evaluation of ethics and compliance programs and related best practices, institutional structure and culture, risk oversight, board and committee structure, board and executive leadership, independent and internal investigations, and audits and assessments. Mr. Dizik is currently advising the President and Board of Regents of the University of Michigan on the implementation of internal controls and structural and cultural transformation efforts in response to its sexual misconduct crisis. He is also a key member of the team investigating and assessing the Southern Baptist Convention’s handling of sexual abuse allegations and related treatment of survivors and practice reform efforts.