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In the early stages of the development of the role of the Director of Athlete Safety, Guidepost was requested to assist in a review of current organization, resources available and policies and procedures which were relevant to the office. Specific to the request, we assisted with the following:

  • Review of criminal background checks as part of the vetting of personnel. Review of the then existing investigative process on non-sexual abuse related violations.
  • Develop/enhance policies and procedures relative to the Office of Athlete Safety’s role. We identified gaps and made recommendations for enhancements for specific policies.

As a result of our work, the organization also used Guidepost as an investigative resource on sensitive matters as they arose. Specifically, Guidepost investigated an allegation of an assault in a developmental team of an affiliated organization. The allegations involved two minor individuals. Both sets of parents were aware of the allegations and actively involved in the investigation. The investigation also reviewed the actions of the affiliate itself and the coach’s influence in the matter. Numerous interviews were conducted and evidence was collected which involved communications and videos.

In addition to the predicating allegations, the investigation developed additional information which reflected insufficient oversight of minors involved with the sport including during lengthy travel trips. Other issues identified included favoritism by the head coach, a fear of retaliation if there was a disagreement or in the reporting of any concerns and overall poor leadership and communication.

As part of the final investigation’s report, Guidepost provided a summary of the matter and made a number of findings, including violations of regulating code and policy among others.

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