Global Data Center


The company, a global data center, has nine subsidiaries and more than 120 data center locations spanning across 20+ countries, including North America, Europe, Africa, and the Asia Pacific. As the company continues to grow its global footprint through expansion and acquisition, disparate security systems and operational procedures throughout the enterprise create vulnerabilities, inefficiencies, and increased risk. During collaborative discussions with the technology firm, Guidepost Solutions was retained to provide both ongoing project security and technology design support and help create global standards for security operations and technology.

Guidepost Solutions

The scope of work extends to the company’s existing data centers and their new build projects. The new data center projects are extremely fast paced and require us to work collaboratively with the company, its architect, and other trades to meet schedule and quality control expectations and constraints. With each new build, Guidepost utilizes Revit LT and other AutoCad software to virtually design and address every detail of the company’s planned security systems. Our professionals integrate the design with the other trades involved and coordinates the design of the other disciplines with the architect (i.e., electrical, phone lines, lighting poles, fencing, site work). We also work with the company’s IT personnel and its international security teams to execute security systems updates and integrations within its existing locations.

Benefit to Client

On the enterprise level, Guidepost has become a global strategic partner in standardizing the company’s security policies, procedures, and technology systems. Its U.S. locations are on the pathway to complete integration. Our global team has been able to execute and support various projects for the client including serving as a consultant to the executive suite and as a subcontractor to its technical teams. Our team team engages with multiple personnel across continents while providing a singular account manager to synchronize all the activity and communications towards the company’s ultimate goals and continues to supports its growth as it expands their global capabilities.

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Services Provided

  • AV Consulting
  • Low Voltage Security Consulting
  • Security Systems Design
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Design
  • Security Standards & Procedures Development
  • Peer Review Design
  • Physical Access & ID Design
  • Enterprise Security Assessment
  • Enterprise Security Technology Roadmapping
  • Integration of Existing Security Systems
  • Security Program Roadmapping
  • Commissioning Services
  • Security Program Management