Dublin Public Safety Center


The City of Dublin Police Department and Emergency Operations Center’s existing headquarters was in critical need of expanding and upgrading their 40-year-old building. The goal for the new Dublin Public Safety Center would increase the footprint of the building by 4,000 square feet to accommodate growth, remodel outdated facilities, and transform the building into a sustainable, environment-friendly facility with state-of-the-art security systems.

Guidepost Solutions

The Guidepost team, in collaboration with the project architects, delivered a low-voltage system design for video surveillance, access control, alarm monitoring, interview room recordings, and intercoms. Our work also included an assessment of the communication path to the alarm monitoring center and coordination of the access control and alarm monitoring components with the project’s door hardware provider. Our team provided a third-party objective review of contractor proposals and evaluated both product and vendor qualifications.

Benefit to Client

Guidepost helped the City of Dublin truly raise the bar for building functionality and security at its Public Safety Center. We helped create an innovative low-voltage system that positions the City to meet the growth requirements of the community and the police department.

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