T5 Data Centers


T5 Data Centers, a national provider of enterprise-grade data centers, offers server-ready data centers, enterprise services, custom build-to-suit options and facilities management for their clients located across North America and Europe. T5 was seeking a security partner to assist them with bringing more efficiency and value to their technology and operations.


Guidepost Solutions

Since 2014, T5 has been relying on the Guidepost Solutions Managed Services team to support their state-of-the-art, customizable computing support environments in an outsourced security management capacity. Guidepost manages the day-to-day security operations and assists with audit compliance, budgetary usage, forecasting and managed services. These services have included both operational and technical security solutions.

Additionally, Guidepost assisted T5 with developing security standard operating procedures (SOPs) and emergency procedures that were deployed across their enterprise. These SOPs were designed to be data-center specific and added enhanced security measures necessary for these types of critical facilities. To complement these procedures, Guidepost created a security officer training curriculum for the T5 guard-force staff. Guidepost also conducts annual physical security vulnerability assessments at each site and assists with tracking remediation status.

a row of servers in a server room with blue lights

Benefit to the Client

The Guidepost Managed Services team has standardized T5’s security technology platforms across its entire enterprise. By providing a single point-of-contact for all support requests, T5 experiences real-time triage of security system issues. Most of the issues are able to be resolved remotely or escalated to the appropriate entity. As a result, T5 has dramatically reduced its service call expenditures and has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars since partnering with Guidepost.

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