Value of Sports Cards, Willing Black Market Buyers Can Entice Thieves

James T. Hayes Jr. CSSP July 10, 2024

Theft at sports card shows is a persistent risk, especially when valuable items are displayed. High-value card dealers face greater risks as their inventory becomes bigger targets for theft. In a recent article by Sports Collectors Daily, Jim Hayes shares his expert opinion on minimizing risk of theft at large shows and what makes high-value collectibles attractive to criminals. This type of theft is “motivated by a vast underground market of wealthy collectors who value the prestige of possessing rare items,” said Hayes.

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James T. Hayes Jr. CSSP

VP, Sports Entertainment + Government Affairs

James T. Hayes, Jr. is a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and tenured executive who successfully navigates the intersection of government process and private sector initiatives for his clients. At Guidepost, he assists clients with complex and urgent issues involving comprehensive security and threat assessments, in-depth investigations, visa and immigration matters, risk mitigation, and international travel consulting.