Security Consulting

Data Center Security


Data centers are at the core of the technology ecosystem and the mandate to ensure a safe and secure operational environment is Mission Critical. We understand and appreciate today’s landscape where events can require the ability to respond at a moment’s notice to address customer scalability, optimized operations, connectivity and secured locations. Business continuity, facility security, and the privacy of data is critical so whether it is strategic planning for your newly envisioned locations or analyzing and selecting tomorrow’s technologies, we can provide a foundation of proper physical security and network design.

With your unique needs in mind, we can customize a business continuity plan and standard operational procedures that will advise and guide how you maintain and operate your environments. Our global technology team and certified project managers are equipped to help you ensure that implementation is seamless around the globe.

Services Include:

  • Strategic planning for newly envisioned locations
  • Analyzing and selecting tomorrow’s technologies for implementation
  • Business continuity assessments and planning
  • Facility security assessments and development of foundation for proper physical security and network design
  • Privacy of data procedures

We have completed more than 100 projects in the data center sector.

Guidepost serves as a trusted advisor in the development of systems that result in work efficiencies, protect employee safety, and contribute to collaborative cultures. As an independent consultant, our recommendations are completely objective and unbiased. Our team helps balance clients’ budgets and business needs for the most cost-effective blend of industry-best solutions. From consultation to design through implementation management, we support each project every step of the way using our holistic project approach

Data centers are considered an intricate part of the formation of critical national infrastructure. As the world’s economies become increasingly dependent upon online services, the compromise of a major data center could present an economic impact or cause serious damage to a company’s reputation. We have assessed, designed, and managed technology systems within data centers for many years.  We have extensive experience working internationally, and know the pitfalls to avoid and the opportunities to be gained when managing data center projects remotely.