Investigations + Business Intelligence

Private Investigations

Our private investigators can help you protect your assets and reputation by evaluating the character and fitness of potential personal relationships, business partners, employees, and others. In addition, we help, along with your counsel, to uncover and analyze information in the context of criminal defense cases.

We bring our unique capabilities, relationships and tools to each investigation with the goal of helping you respond to complex challenges. We can undertake an investigation of any scope – nationwide and on a moment’s notice. Whatever the context of the investigation, our team tackles each assignment with the objective of providing the information required to make informed decisions, solve problems and protect assets.

Our seasoned team includes licensed investigators, digital forensic experts and reverse malware engineers, forensic accountants, and data and intelligence analysts. Their wealth of experience is drawn from careers as federal agents from the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Secret Service, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the U.S. Marshal Service.


Our research and investigations professionals provide valuable insight into the individuals who will be directly responsible for the fate of their businesses. Additionally, we evaluate potential targets for merger, acquisition or investment opportunities.

We have assisted numerous private companies, financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies with making informed and confident decisions worldwide.

In today’s increasingly sophisticated and regulated business world, a business’ approach to preparing and disclosing its financials can be just as telling as the numbers themselves. The pressures of the economic downturn, a misguided drive to live up to market expectations or just plain greed can often lead to fraud, expropriation or other financial malfeasance that may not be readily apparent to those outside an organization. These financial threats can devastate a business or potential venture if left undiscovered or unchecked.

We ferret out fraud, financial manipulation or misrepresentation, accounting irregularities, or any other financial misconduct, whether in support of investment due diligence, litigation, internal investigation, asset recovery, mandated monitorship, or in other contexts. Working in tandem, our investigators and forensic accountants help you to identify, understand and address both simple and complex financial malfeasance. We will follow the money so you can make the accurate, informed decisions that lead to results.

In hotly-contested disputes in any arena, a person with relevant information may be reluctant to talk, uncooperative or even hostile. Obtaining information or admissible evidence from such a witness requires specialized skills and intuition.

We have the experience, discretion and intelligence to conduct legal, thorough and cost-effective covert operations to provide our clients with the information they need. From traditional stake-outs to high-tech surveillance to undercover sting operations, we will tailor a covert investigative strategy that effectively, reliably and discreetly uncovers the information or evidence sought.