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US/UK Axis on Global Sanctions + AML: Will Biden Re-Set The Dial?

March 16, 2021 - This panel brings together experts on sanctions, anti-money laundering and cybercrime from the US and UK. Each panelist is deeply experienced in investigations, enforcement and effective teamwork. Together they will explore how a US/UK axis under President Biden can re-set the dial on global controls and make them work.

Topics to be discussed:

•  The Biden/Harris agenda: Is the UK on board?
•  Working with governments and corporates: Can it be done?
•  Effective teamwork
•  Using technology to counter global threats: Intelligence sharing
•  Practical toolkit for financial institutions
•  Sanctions to change behaviour: Cuba + Myanmar

Moderator: Michael Bowes QC, Barrister, Outer Temple Chambers


Karen Baxter, Managing Director, Intelligence Strategy for Economic Crime, UK Finance Limited
Megan Prendergast Millard, Senior Managing Director, Guidepost Solutions
Bill Riley, Senior Managing Director, Guidepost Solutions