Guidepost in Motion: Privacy Matters Part 2: “TMI”-The Privacy Dilemma of Social Media

Cody Shultz December 13, 2022

Social media makes it easy to connect with a large group of people, while at the same time, sharing too much information can put you at risk for some serious privacy issues. Sharing, geotagging, and posting opinions on social networks makes it increasingly easy to raise your threat level. Cody Shultz, a member of the Investigations and Private Client Practice at Guidepost Solutions, welcomes back Seth Rodin, a seasoned privacy professional to discuss specific steps to take to mitigate the privacy risks associated with social media.


Cody Shultz in a suit and white shirt is smiling for the camera

Cody Shultz

Senior Director

Cody Shultz serves as a director of investigations and private client protection for Guidepost Solutions and is based in the D.C. office. Having served with the Central Intelligence Agency, he is now sought out as an expert on reputation and identity management for ultra-high net worth clients and family offices. He holds a Professional Certified Investigator certification through ASIS International and is a Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator.