Risk + Compliance


We offer an array of services to help you review, assess, and improve your privacy compliance profile, ranging from the technical details of data security to the overarching policies and procedures which set the compliance tone for your organization.

Our Approach

At the outset of an engagement, we work to develop a deep understanding of your business, corporate culture, and the unique challenges at hand. After completing an initial assessment, we develop a comprehensive privacy program that is reasonably designed to address privacy risks related to the development and management of new and existing controls to protect the privacy and confidentiality of Personal Information on your IT systems.

We identify records, both digital and physical, requiring privacy protection under any regulatory framework, assess their current level of protection, and recommend any needed improvements. We can also prepare or review your existing data breach response plan to ensure you are in compliance with the data breach notification laws to which your organization might be subject.

Why Guidepost

  • The Federal Trade Commission and other regulatory authorities commonly require organizations that have had problematic privacy performance to implement an independent monitorship to review the organization’s compliance program and mitigate the risk of future breaches. Our experience acting as an independent monitor is unparalleled and we can provide the necessary oversight to help an organization satisfy regulatory obligations.
  • Our experienced compliance team has earned these credentials:
    • Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP)
    • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
    • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)